6 Ways to Provide Restaurant Relief During Coronavirus

If you can, please consider donating to one or more of the following foundations to help out the businesses and people you know and love.

This is a difficult time for everyone, filled with anxiety, dread, guilt…the list goes on. As you know, many businesses have had to furlough employees and temporarily close to make ends meet. Of these, workers in the foodservice industry are some of the hardest hit. Insurance companies are not counting this pandemic as an unexpected damage that can be covered. The small business community is seeking help from the government, but it only goes so far.

Think about all the memories made at your favorite restaurants. The neighborhood diner who makes BECs just the way you like them, every time. The local coffee shop with the iced coffee you swear by. Your go-to for Chinese takeout. Even your local bodega that you hate but, deep down really love. Remember the first time you had an egg cream. Or the first time you got drinks at a cocktail bar with some Hinge date that didn’t work out. The Italian place that makes the best fresh pasta, but is cash only and is probably Mafia-owned. Restaurants are what make New York...New York.

We as a community can do our part to support the places we love in order to keep them afloat. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the organizations, movements and relief funds that we can all lend some support in hopes that our favorite spots can stay in business.

Relief Funds

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation

A nonprofit created by and for restaurants workers focused on advocacy and action. Normally this nonprofit is dedicated to wage fairness, gender equity and sexual violence, racial justice and support for the immigrant community, and mental health and substance abuse. During this crisis, they have a dedicated relief fund to support those displaced.

Restaurant Strong Fund by Samuel Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation

This restaurant fund is supporting 20 total states to aid the resta urant works impacted by the COVID-19 closures. You can apply for part of their 2MM grant and also donate to your state fund.

Off Their Plate

This movement is a grassroots campaign focused on rallying around the selfless efforts of healthcare workers on the frontlines by partnering with restaurants to provide meals to the hospital teams and jobs to those who have lost them. Donate what you can to take some off their plate.

Restaurant Workers Relief Program

In partnership with @makersmark, @leeinitiative, and @chefedwardlee, this program has turned restaurants across the country into relief centers for any restaurant worker who has been laid off or has had a significant reduction in hours and/or pay. Each location is offering meals, food and supplies for those in need. Some of our favorites, Gertie and Olmsted are participating in Brooklyn!

Service Worker’s Coalition

This one’s a little closer to home for us. This is a coalition for those specifically in Brooklyn who are in need of help.

For a simple, no-cost way to show you support, you can SIGN THIS PETITION to demand that Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR) has a seat at the table while relief bills are being formulated and approved.

And the list continues. For more ways to help, check out these foundations:
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